King Edward and Gamrie Community Council
Minutes of meeting on Tuesday 31st May 2016
in Crudie Primary School
Apologies: Councillor Mark Findlater. Alan Lindsay, Cliff Pirie and Judith Smit-Haffman

Present: Albert Hay (chair), Billy Cowie, Ruth Cheyne, Gladys Mennie, Alistair Mackie, Norman Duguid, Bill Moultrie, Alex Duthie, Kathleen Hepburn and Iain Taylor
Guests : Janet Molloy, Andy Sturdy (GVAC)
Approval of previous Minutes
Proposed as true record by Alistair Mackie and  seconded by Norman Duguid
Matters arising from previous minutes
Crudie Playing Field
Latest communication with the sellers has now indicated that Aberdeenshire are wanting them to pay a share of an insurance premium to safeguard that there will be no other claim arising on the title of the playing field. This has been introduced very recently. It was also suggested that a map should be made available depicting exactly what area has been purchased.
The winning logos from each school were judged to be:
Bracoden Simone Watt
King Edward Aaliyah Watson
Crudie Kelly Morrison
Overall winner was Aaliyah Watson from King Edward.
What has been the progress both to stabilise the slope and to identify the landowner(s)?

Sneuk Path
Although the April meeting indicated that the LA were to do some work on the path, nothing to date has occurred. We are now into holiday time and many visitors use this walk. Cllr Cassie is to enquire.
Seatown drainage pipe (Outfall to sea)
Andy Strudy was in touch with the Water Board but they were not certain if this pipe was "live"! Andy is to monitor the situation.
Waste collection
Although a survey of Seatown residents have been conducted, no results have been issued. Clarification is requested. The Community Council and GVAC actions have been called into question by some residents. Some response from waste collection is required.
Toilet Block
Could the site be used for refuse collection?
T Junction at New Ground
No communication has been received.

New Business
King Edward Old Kirkyard
Councillor Findlater and King Edward Primary School are both working on different aspects of this project. Notices, recording of gravestone details (and therefore avoiding the need to clean the stones destroying some lichens and other flora) and a survey are all being considered. St. John's Kirkyard at Gamrie could also be part of the same project.
Removal of garden sheds
In tidying up the garden at 2 Sunnybank Cottages at Crudie in preparation for a new tenant, Council workers have removed the garden shed from the adjoining property at No.1. Their gardening equipment is now stored under tarpaulins and carpets! Are the sheds to be replaced?
Poor Mains water supply
Ashburn Crudie was a bungalow built 20 years ago. The occupier was assured at that time of a permanent supply. However it is now very intermittent depending upon how full the reservoir at Brackens is and therefore the head of pressure in the mains pipe.  There are other properties about to connect onto the same pipe as Ashburn and the likelihood is that this problem will increase in frequency. As the council collects water rates on behalf of Scottish Water, can they have some influence in ensuring a permanent supply?
Windmill Planning Gain Fees
There was disappointment that these fees had been rescinded upon appeal to Scottish Government.
Rural Broadband speeds
Could the council have some clout with BT Openreach in improving Broadband speeds. More and more communication is done over the net, especially between businesses and also with both local and national government, but rural areas are at a distinct disadvantage and are at risk of being totally ignored!
SSSI at Den of Findon
George's Craigs are a particular rock structure on the seashore. They were originally classified in 1965 but require to be renewed.