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Welcome to King Edward & Gamrie Community Council

For 30+yrs, King Edward & Gamrie COMMUNITY COUNCIL has represented & helped residents of our area with any local issues.

We are located within Ward 6 - covering the villages NEW BYTH and GARDENSTOWN and the hamlets of KING EDWARD, CRUDIE, CRUVIE and LONGMANHILL and a significant agricultural hinterland.

Our WARD has a total POPULATION of 3296 - that's a lot of people.

We currently have 16 Elected members including Chairman, Vice-Chair, Secretary & Treasurer. Our members ALL live in the area & although "elected", we are UNPAID & completely unbiased.

We receive a small BUDGET which we can use to provide donations of financial assistance/sponsorship to any local individual/team/youth group/community project etc - we have close links to Local Primary Schools and regularly provide prizes and sponsorship to them.

Our Councillors (Cllr R Cassie, Cllr M Findlater & Cllr  H Partridge) attend our meetings regularly, as well as our Community Beat Officer (PC ??)

Our Meetings are usually held on the last Tuesday of the Month and are open to ANY local resident/group. YOU can contact us to raise any local matters of concern on your behalf, or attend in person.

We really would love to form closer links with everyone in our community - so if you know anyone who might need help funding a community project; or just want to know more please use 'Contact Us' .


Annual Concert at King Edward Hall

To be held on the 16th October.